Outdoor weightlifting demo.

This one is old but gold. Outdoor weightlifting demo on cobblestones with and without rubber mats in Latvia 2010.


Best way to massage someone

Just walk all over them... if you are not too heavy for that person ;)... there are more such things all over the internet. But for someone who has never done that before it is better to have some sticks in both hands for balanace. Or do it next to a wall. There is also a video demonstrating that which I'm not able to find at the moment.



Cougar weightlifing club (Brisbane Australia)

Here is a nice video which is a very quick walk through of weightlifting. From starting early (and demonstrating that the children dont get killed in the process and just grow like any other child), focus on speed, flexibilty, strength and goal setting. This is also the club where the Olympian Damon Kelly trains.


193kg squat jerk

Not only Lu and Apti can Squat Jerk.

Here is Carlos Andica from Columbia squat jerking 193kg at the South American Games in Santiago (Chile).

After winning the Snatch this got him the silver medal in the Clean and Jerk as well as overall silver int the 85kg category (results).


Lidia Valentin Snatch 115kg in slow motion

Here is a slow motion video of Lidia Valentin (-75kg) from the 2014 Arnold classic weightlifting championship. Notice how close her head gets to the bar when she is pulling under.

Blind weightlifter Malek Chamoun

Update: He won the Australian Commonwealth Games Trails - he went 143kg/175kg :). See the results.

Here is a news article about the blind weightlifter Malek Chamoun and his ambitions.

I another article he talks about his blindness. Starting with the age of 7 his sight got worse and at the age of 12 he was legally blind. He still is able to see however: "If there are several red plates they blend into each other. I can see a blur of a bar.

The weights are easier to see than the bar. But I know the bar is going to be in the middle of the platform."

I think that is very impressive to be that good at weightlifting without being able to see - as the most learn weightlifting with their eyes.

Snatch 135kg

Post by Malek Chamoun.

Clean and Jerk 175kg