German weightlifting Bundesliga

In Germany exists a league system for weightlifting as e.g. in soccer (which probably many more people know). However I (as a German) had a hard time finding anything on youtube. Now I finally found something. Recorded and uploaded by a Pole. KOLECKI1954 is the account name, which might be the father or at least related to Sylwester Kolecki who lifted in the event below.

Enjoy AV 03 Speyer versus TB 03 Roding featuring Sylwester Kolecki, Almir Velagic (2012 Olympian placed 8th in +105kg), Jürgen Spiess (not lifting but watching/coaching - 2012 Olympian placed 9th in 105kg), Simon Brandhuber, Alexej Prochorow and many more decent lifters.

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