Herbert Ehrbar Grand Prix 2013

In this years Herbert Ehrbar Grand Prix in Nagold some lifters of the German national squad did appear for some performance test before the European Championships 2013. And they seem to be in pretty good shape. Probably not for winning the Europeans but for themselves they are.

Michael Müller (85kg class) with 147kg Snatch and 186kg clean and Jerk:

Simon Brandhuber (69kg class) with 140kg Snatch and 160kg Clean and Jerk:

Robert Joachim (69kg class) with 133kg Snatch and 167kg Clean and Jerk:

Sabine Kusterer (58kg class) with 90kg Snatch and 109kg Clean and Jerk:

Mandy Wedow (75kg class) with 97kg Snatch and 117kg Clean and Jerk:

Yvonne Kranz (75kg+ class) with 95kg Snatch and 124kg Clean and Jerk:

Here are also the complete videos (including maybe some of Germans future lifters):