Olympic Weightlifting at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival

The first videos from the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival are appearing:

Muhammad Begaliev probably weighing 77kg lifts 155kg in the Snatch and 185kg in the Clean and Jerk (he is in Range of the winner of the 105kg - see below)
Begaliev totaled 314kg and finished 24th at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships in Paris where he lifted for Uzbekistan.

Kevin Cornell lifts 155kg Snatch and 195kg at 105kg (however poor video quality):

Where he beat Spencer Moorman who had a 150kg Snatch and 195kg Clean and Jerk. He missed 156kg and 157kg in the Snatch. So a close game between those two. Spencer lifts at 2:40min:

135kg Snatch and 165kg Cleand and Jerk at 77kg are some lifts for Leo:

And also the lifts of Fernando Saraiva Reis