Turkish Weightlifting Federation has "collectively resigned"

The Turkish Weightlifting Federation has "collectively resigned," in the face of a doping scandal.

Read more on ironmind or hurriyetdailynews.


Medium grip Snatch with 150kg by Norik Vardanian

"I do this exercise about once a week. It helps me a lot with my speed and finishing my pull. I personally think this is a great exercise. I decided to go a little heavier this day."


Bulgarian method spreadsheet

Here is a spreadsheet which is basically the spreadsheetized version of the things you can find under:

This is the plan created by Alex Krychev which was also mentioned here before. In my eyes this exact 16 week plan is used for very advanced lifters  (CMS or above) to peak for a competition. It is probably not very well suited for any lifter who is no professional weightlifter because of training 2 times a day 6 times a week.

I hope I didnt make any mistakes during the creation, if you find one tell me.


Available on Google Docs (to edit choose File-> "Make a Copy" or "Download as")

After copying it you might want to remove the funny conditional formatting I inserted to help me creating the formulas. For doing so select column B and then go to Format->Conditional Formatting. In the menu you can disable all formating by clicking on the "x" on the right hand side.


  • works with kg or pounds
  • enter your maxes at the top part and it calculates your weights
  • in the ‘Round to’ cell you can specify the next biggest multiple to which the percentages will be rounded to; for example 2.5 means weights will be rounded to the next biggest multiple of 2.5kg – so 71.85kg will round to 72.5kg