Julia Rohde on German Bundesliga result list.

I did not expect that, but today I noticed that a familiar name appeared on the German weightlifting Bundesliga result list: Julia Rohde. She once considered retiring from weightlifting. But there she is again.

Her numbers are a little down from what I am used to, however still good, but not good enough for international competitions just yet. However most of the time the top German weightlifters take it "easy" in Bundesliga and rather go 6/6.

Here are the results. Julia went 77kg/100kg.

Norik Vardanyan Interviews

Clint Darden provides some interviews with Norik Verdanyan. Norik is the son of weightlifting legend Yuri Vardanyan. Yuri achieved a 400kg total at 82.5kg also one of the greatest sinclair totals (~491 sinclair) of all time.

The interview - part 1:

Part 2:

And Norik on competition preparation and training:

Norik on his fathers expectations and mental toughness:

Noriks 380kg training total (same numbers as in London 2012):

Also his fathers 405kg total:

Apti Aukhadov 200kg Jerk double

Apti seems to like instagram and gives us regular updates. Now Squat Jerk 200kg for a double.


Aleksey Lovchev squats 300kg

Some more easy looking squats. This time 300kg x2  by the russian super heavyweight Aleksey Lovchev. He is currently listed as the reserve man for this years world behind Chingis Mogushkov and Ruslan Albegov.

D'Angelo Osorio Snatch PR

D'Angelo Osorio sets a new Snatch PR of 155kg after a great save where he almost stumbles over the camera window which is built in the platform (at least that is my guess what it is). This is for the funny close ups you see e.g. at the Olympics which are somewhat useless in my opinion - or even dangerous in this case.

Apti Aukhadov flying

Now Apti is flying around in Chekov. And as a reference according to wikipedia Apti is 178cm. Which makes the platform height 140cm according to my approximation :). Picture of the approximation is below the video.

Apti Aukhadov training vids

The weight moved in these videos are lightweight for him. However his technique is so nice, it is a pleasure for the eyes to watch him lift.

Clean and Jerk 195kg for a double

Squat Jerk 180kg x3 from the rack

What to do with a broken arm.

Squats of course. But there is more. Have some fun.

Mart Seim squats 320kg


Richie Petterson breaks Newz Zealand record

The 85kg lifter Richie Petterson basically sets a new PR, which makes it a new New Zealand  Clean and Jerk record of 191kg.


Kasperi from Finnland

That little fellow is cute :). Look at his passion and fight :). Hope he stays with this sport forever :). Kasperi starts at 5m33s.