Karen Tovmasjan youtube channel

Here are some decent lifts from Karen Tovmasjan's youtube channel. A total of 338kg at 85kg makes him another Master of sports with a youtube channel :).

Artem Udachyn technical analysis video

Here are some videos of Artem Udachyn with an additional technical analysis software output. Not very pretty (but strong) lifts, but some nice software ;):

Snatch 200kg and 205kg (missed):

Clean and Jerk 240kg and 246kg (were the heavier looked better in my opinion):


Ihor Shymechko Snatch 205kg

Ihor Shymechko puts up some decent numbers in the Snatch.

Oleksiy Torokhtiy Power Jerks

Here are some more power jerks from Oleksiy Torokhtiy. If the numbers in the videos are right it is 230kg and 240kg.
Looking at those videos, I really wonder why he struggled so hard at London.



Also here is a 195kg Snatch from the same event. There they had green 10kg plates. So I really wonder why they did not use them for his 240kg attempt? Or is it 240kg at all?

Artem Ivanov Snatch 190kg

Another 190kg pre Olympic Snatch by Artem Ivanov.

The display in the background classifies him as 105kg lifter however. He usually competes at 94kg.

And to again repeat wikipediaHis best total is 420 kg (190 snatch + 230 clean and jerk - Ukrainian Championships 2012).[1] If this had not been completed at a domestic event, it would have represented a substantial increase on the world record at this weight division. Unfortunately at the 2012 Olympic Games, Ivanov did not appear for his weigh-in, prompting speculation of injury, and leaving rival Ilya Ilyin to comfortably retain his title.


2013 US juniors Ian Wilson and D'Angelo Osorio

Ian Wilson lifting 155/194
D'Angelo Osorio lifting 147/180

Very decent numbers for those young guys.

Children weightlifting

Here are some very sweet clips.

An 8 year old Chinese with very good technique.

Hysen Pulaku at age 7 (Snatch 27kg, Clean and Jerk 45kg) and 8 (Snatch 50kg, Clean and Jerk 55kg). But the Chinese boy seems to have better technique ;).

 Hysen Pulaku at age 9 (Snatch 52kg, Clean and Jerk 65kg). Not perfect, but man, 9 years old!

At age 14. Already snatching 100kg+ and jerking 140kg+.

Hysen today (more or less) (Snatch 166kg, Clean and Jerk 211kg). Before he was tested positive two weeks before the Olympics in London.


Ilya Ilin Front Squats

Front Squat 250kg  Ilya Ilin style.

Kendrick Farris Clean and squat Jerk 180kg

Kendrick Farris does (at least in my opinion ;)) a power/squat jerk mixture with 180kg. It does not look as good as Lu Xiaojun does it, but it is a full squat anyhow. Kudos.


Hossein Rezazadeh unequal snatch grip

I just came across a video of Hossein Rezazadehs lift at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. I noticed that he takes an unequal grip on the snatch. I also noticed that many times before with other lifters. It is not that easily seen with others as with Hossein. His left hand is more out than the right. And it seems that he does it on purpose.
I really wonder what is the reason for that? How does anyone come up with an unequal grip?




Overhead 2

Here is the video

Weightlifting at London 2012

Men’s +105kg
Men’s 105kg
Men’s 94kg
Men’s 85kg
Men’s 77kg
Men’s 69kg
Men’s 62kg
Men’s 56kg

Women’s +75kg
Women’s 75kg
Woman’s 69kg
Women’s 63kg
Women’s 58kg
Women’s 53kg
Women’s 48kg


The Russian Approach to Planning a Weightlifting Program

You can download the file from qwa.org or from google drive.

The paper gives some insights into Russian planning for weightlifting. It is written by two guys living in valencia. Vicente Ortiz Cervera and Petr Poletaev (both from the university of valencia). I guess the second one makes this document authentic:

Petr Poletaev, Technical Director of
the Regional Weightlifting Federation
of Valencia, Spain, graduated from
the Central Institute of Physical Cul­
ture in Moscow and has held several
titles in weightlifting. He coached the
USSR weightlifting team in 1978-
1987 and the Russian female weight­
lifting team in 1990-1992.

Probably the interesting part starts at page 3. However you can read it completely very quickly as it is a short document.


Jiri Orsag training

Here is a training clip of Czech lifter Jiri Orsag. 220kg for two cleans and one jerk.

I really wonder how to write his name (don't even talk about spelling?). In the video title it says Jiri Orsag but the channel is named Jirka Orsag. Or is that not his channel? Anyhow here is the video (I bet no one ever reads until here ;)).

179kg snatch

Kavelasvili snatching 179kg for a new Greece record (at least according to the video description) in the 105kg category.

Artem Ivanov at Ukraine Championships 2012

I just wanted to put together the awesome lifts of Artem Ivanov at Ukraine Championships 2012. And to complete those videos a citation from wikipedia:

Unfortunately at the 2012 Olympic Games, Ivanov did not appear for his weigh-in, prompting speculation of injury, and leaving rival Ilya Ilyin to comfortably retain his title.

Weightlifting calculator

The queensland weightlifting association offers a weightlifting calculator.

It offers two features.

1. Calculations based on max lifts

The lifts of the calculator are.
Clean and Jerk
Power Snatch
Power Clean
Power Jerk
Front Squat
Back Squat
Pull (clean pull or deadlift?)

You enter your max for one specific lift and it calculates what your maxes for other lifts should/could/might be.

2. Your standings.

It will calculate your percentage of the current world record for your weightclass. It also gives you your sinclair scoring and Sinclair-Malone-Meltzer scoring (gives age bonuses for older people).


Sample based on Dmitry Klokov.

He gets no age bonus - if he would be born e.g. 1980 he would. And he also Snatches more than the calculator thinks he could. Same probably applies for the strength related numbers (squats).

Anna Everi Video Compilation

Finnish weightlifter Anna Everi (58kg class) released a new video showing some of her training as well as competition lifts.
You can also see Milko Tokola in the background (e.g. at 1:16 watching) and spotting her squats.


8 Months Pregnant 100 Kilo C&J

I dont know if that is good or bad, but it is incredible. And she also looks happy - so I think it is good.

But I guess she usually competes in a lower weight class (75kg this day) and she also had to adjust her technique.
Bad ass anyways.


Ruslan Albegov Clean and Jerk

Again from the Russian nationals. And also very similar lifts.

In competition 250kg.

In training 245kg.

Ruslan Albegov Snatch 210kg

Here is a nice video of Ruslan Albegov Snatching 210kg. This was done at the Russian nationals 2012 were his main competitors were Evgeny Chigishev and Chingiz Mogushkov.

There is another 210kg Snatch in Training - check the similarity of both lifts.