Herbert Ehrbar Grand Prix 2013

In this years Herbert Ehrbar Grand Prix in Nagold some lifters of the German national squad did appear for some performance test before the European Championships 2013. And they seem to be in pretty good shape. Probably not for winning the Europeans but for themselves they are.

Michael Müller (85kg class) with 147kg Snatch and 186kg clean and Jerk:

Simon Brandhuber (69kg class) with 140kg Snatch and 160kg Clean and Jerk:

Robert Joachim (69kg class) with 133kg Snatch and 167kg Clean and Jerk:

Sabine Kusterer (58kg class) with 90kg Snatch and 109kg Clean and Jerk:

Mandy Wedow (75kg class) with 97kg Snatch and 117kg Clean and Jerk:

Yvonne Kranz (75kg+ class) with 95kg Snatch and 124kg Clean and Jerk:

Here are also the complete videos (including maybe some of Germans future lifters):


Finnish weightlifting team training camp

This video is from the Finnish weightlifting team in preparation for the European Championships 2013. The video is featuring Milko Tokolo and Anna Everi plus some more. What impressed me the most in this video are clean grip snatches from the floor and hang by Anna Everi at 3:25.


Martin Seim 225kg Clean and Jerk

Mart Seim with a 225kg Clean and Jerk. Check his youtube channel for more videos from him.

Torokhtiy Oleksiy Snatch 200kg

Torokhtiy Oleksiy Snatches 200kg to "I got you babe". You just need some proper training atmosphere ;).

Impressive clean and jerk miss

This is guy a fighter. Weight can only be guessed. Maybe 196kg (each side: two reds, blue, yellow and a small white) or 206kg if the "blue"s are a 25kgs.

Khadzhimurat Akkayev at 16years old

Khadzhimurat Akkayev at 16 already clean and jerking 185kg @85kg bodyweight. Also technique and crying habits are pretty similar to today.


Artem Ivanov Snatch 190kg technical analysis

Artem Ivanov Snatchs 185kg and 190kg plus the bar path plus bar speed.

Not text book - at least as far as I know. However it seems to work for him.


News from Ireland.

Guess who? Clarence Kennedy: Snatch 162.5kg and a Clan of 202.5kg


Here are a some videos of squats:

Peter Kirkbride with a 240kg Front squat

Kendrick Ferris with a triple with 263kg:

A chinese female front squatting something around 3 times her bodyweight (voices says 140kg but the plates look like a little more):

And some Front squat racking gone wrong.


Karen Tovmasjan Snatch 130kg triple from blocks

Here is a little training update from Karen Tovmasjan. Nice speed under the bar:

Tandem Jerks

Here is a "fun" exercise for "normal" guys to put up some numbers of the big guys. However that ain't easy either.

I don't know what they lift normally. But 210kg is a nice number.

Here is also how the big guys do it - tandem clean and jerk by Matthias Steiner and Almir Velagic - 333.3kg:

Jirka Orsag Interview

Gregor from AllThingsGym did an Interview with Jirka Orsag about weightlifting and training and all sort of things. It is definitely worth a read. My personal highlights:

What is a good piece of advice you got in the past?

Weightlifting hurts, but hold on. It’s worth it!

And the training parts as a whole, but still a sample:

I don’t do a lot assistance exercise.
I train only snatch, clean and jerk, squats and deadlifts.

Video of him setting the +105kg Junior Clean and Jerk record:


Behdad Salimi 214kg Snatch

The actual world record in the +105kg category in the Snatch by Behdad Salimikordasiabi (2011 world champion and 2012 olympic champion):


Three world record attempts from three lifters.

Damon Kelly seems to update his youtube database :)... Here is a the last lifts of the 77kg Clean and Jerk from the 2011 Paris world weightlifting championship. As Damon wrote:

A rare occurrence where three different lifters, in three consecutive attempts try to break the world record for the 77kg with a 211kg attempt in the clean and jerk. This was at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships in Paris. Sa Jae-Hyouk (KOR), Lu Xiaojun (CHN) and Su Dajin (CHN) all attempt to break the clean and jerk world record but to no avail.

Artem Udachyn Clean and Jerk 243kg

Here is another video of the 2013 Ukranian Cup. It is Artem Udachyn Clean and Jerking 243kg.

Miika Antti-Roiko 200kg clean double

There is also nice lifting going on in Finland! Miika Antti-Roiko takes 200kg for a clean double.

As well as a 155kg Snatch:


Snatch high pulls to a stick

This is an interesting exercise:
There is an article about Snatch high pulls to a stick on ironmind.com - if you want more - however this could be enough: cite:
The main purpose of pulling to a stick is that it keeps you honest

Andrei Aramnau Interview after 2013 Belarus Cup

Here is some update of Andrei Aramnau - he competed as +105kg in the Belarusian nationals and totaled 421kg (196kg/225kg).

Now he is in preparation for the European Championships. And he is still unsatisfied with his situation - however it sounds like it is improving (coaching situation).

Read on allthingsgym.


Jiri Orsag 190kg Snatch

The latest training video of Jiri Orsag! It is a 190kg Snatch.

Olympic Weightlifting at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival

The first videos from the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival are appearing:

Muhammad Begaliev probably weighing 77kg lifts 155kg in the Snatch and 185kg in the Clean and Jerk (he is in Range of the winner of the 105kg - see below)
Begaliev totaled 314kg and finished 24th at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships in Paris where he lifted for Uzbekistan.

Kevin Cornell lifts 155kg Snatch and 195kg at 105kg (however poor video quality):

Where he beat Spencer Moorman who had a 150kg Snatch and 195kg Clean and Jerk. He missed 156kg and 157kg in the Snatch. So a close game between those two. Spencer lifts at 2:40min:

135kg Snatch and 165kg Cleand and Jerk at 77kg are some lifts for Leo:

And also the lifts of Fernando Saraiva Reis

Kendrick Ferris power jerks 193kg for a triple

Title says it all.


Artem Udachyn Jerks 270kg

Here is a very huge Jerk by the Ukrainian Artem Udachyn.

Marcin Dolega lifting in France

Meanwhile in France. Marcin Dolega lifts 175kg, 180kg and 185kg in the Snatch. 210kg 215kg and 220kg in the Clean and Jerk.

It also seems that the channel owner Daniel Dolega has some videos in his archive ;). Here he only makes the 185kg Snatch and misses the others.


Fernando Saraiva Reis at 2013 Arnold Classic

Here is a 182kg Snatch and a  225kg Clean and Jerk from Fernando Saraiva Reis who will turn 23 in one week.

From wikipedia:
He competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the +105 kg event. In this same weight category, Reis won a gold medal at the 2011 Pan American Games and a silver medal at the 2010 South American Games.

Training Hall video of Columbian and USA Olympic Weightlifers

Enjoy some fast moving Columbian weightlifters. Also not the Columbians have an almost all female cheering crowd (at least it sounds like that).

From the description:
In house meet at LSUS with Team Columbia and Kendrick Farris and Zach S. from Team USA. Video includes Oscar Figueroa (Silver, London 2012), and Diego Salazar (Silver, Beijing 2008)

Rebekah Tiler on youtube

Here is a female British lifter who is still very young. She is 13 years of age I believe. And already snatching 78kg and clean and jerking 102kg with plates falling off. According to a newspaper her bodyweight is 56kg. So that is a double bodyweight clean and jerk.

See yourself:


Interview with Pawel Najdek

Here is a Interview with Pawel Najdek. He is currently coaching Clarence Kennedy who has done the interview. The most interesting part for me is when they talk about training. The polish training regime also seems to be similar to the Bulgarian. Here is some sample provided in the interview page:

Ilya Ilyin: Science of Victory

Here is a documentary about Ilya Ilyins and his way to the London Olympic Games. However the documentary is less scientific as the titles say. However at 13:30 it gives some little insights in his training which seems pretty much identical to the Bulgarian style of training.