Blind weightlifter Malek Chamoun

Update: He won the Australian Commonwealth Games Trails - he went 143kg/175kg :). See the results.

Here is a news article about the blind weightlifter Malek Chamoun and his ambitions.

I another article he talks about his blindness. Starting with the age of 7 his sight got worse and at the age of 12 he was legally blind. He still is able to see however: "If there are several red plates they blend into each other. I can see a blur of a bar.

The weights are easier to see than the bar. But I know the bar is going to be in the middle of the platform."

I think that is very impressive to be that good at weightlifting without being able to see - as the most learn weightlifting with their eyes.

Snatch 135kg

Post by Malek Chamoun.

Clean and Jerk 175kg

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